Good Witch of the South

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Who I Am

My name is Donna Giles, and I am the Good Witch of the South.  I'm a third generation Psychic/Tarot card reader.  I have an Associates degree in General Education, am a Licensed Esthetician, and a Certified Phlebotomist, and I have always wanted to help people so I decided to use my tarot reading skills and psychic abilities to do just that.  I've been reading the Tarot since 1979...My mother taught me to read the tarot cards when I was 13 years old, her grandmother taught her when she was just a young girl, also.  


I grew up in the psychic/paranormal world, my mom was a Psychic/Tarot card reader who started in her teen years.  My mom took me to psychic fairs, and started showing me the tarot.  She noticed that I had a gift with them like herself. 


I astral travel, have had an NDE (Near death experience), had ghosts in my childhood home, and an eccentric mother who always enjoyed talking about the paranormal, who passed away in December of 2009, but definitely lets me know she is still with me on occasion!


Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to my website. There’s much more to come!

This picture is of my mom, Barbara Ann (She's to the right) in the Sunday Providence Journal doing a tarot reading in the 1980's. >>>>




<<<< This is me and my mom...We were very close, and very psychically in-tuned to each other. 

My Memere (Great-Grandmother), who taught my mom to read the Tarot cards is the one to the very right in this pic. >>>>

Why Me, and Why is My Price Low?

I read the tarot cards because I love to!  It is something I just like to do, especially if it helps even one person.  I keep my price low because I want it to be affordable. 

Having your cards read is fun and informative, and I want it to be affordable for everyone to have their cards read if they wish to.


Also, sometimes a reading will be more general, this is because the other side will only reveal to me what it wants me to see, and  the reason for this is there are certain things in our lives that we are meant to go through as part of our destiny.  It can also be more general because some people's energy are more closed.  I don’t want my clients to feel like they have wasted their money on those occasions. It is fun, informative and mysterious, so why not give it a try?

It's also just fun to talk about the paranormal, so if you have things you'd like to talk about with me, ask me or have had your own paranormal experiences we can talk about those things after your reading.