Good Witch of the South

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Phone Readings

If you've set up an appointment for a phone reading, you can pay via 3 different ways, 1.) With a credit/debit card over the phone when you call for your reading, 2.) I can email you a link for Square, or 3.) Pay with PayPal below, just choose the button below for whichever reading your appointment is for. If you'd like to tip and you're using PayPal, see below. For Square I can send you a link where you can put a custom amount in.
***Please call or email to make an appointment for your phone reading before buying your reading.  Thank you!***  Phone Readings are EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

***Also, people have asked if I have any recommendations for readings...My recommendation is if it's your first reading with me to do either the mini or the 30 minute reading for the first time. That way you can see how I do my readings and if you like it. Then after that do an hour reading if you'd like.***
*** I've had people tell me that they can't tip me with the "Buy Now" buttons below. If you'd like to tip me for a reading and are paying thru PayPal, you can just login to your account and put my email address, which is: directly into your PayPal so that you can pay for whichever reading you're getting and add a tip to it if you'd like. Thank you! :) ***

Mini Reading:


30 Minute Reading:


Hour Reading: