Good Witch of the South

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My Principles:

  • Reading with the Tarot as my medium comes with an enormous amount of responsibility, therefore, ALL of my readings are COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL, and due to the wide range of things that can come from a reading or those things that are yet to be discovered, I want you to know that I conduct my readings with professionalism and complete respect.


  • Also, you should know that being under the influence of alcohol may inhibit my ability to do your reading to the best of my ability, and it also drains my energy.   So please refrain from consuming any alcohol before a reading with me.  I am only telling you this so that your card reading can be the best that it can be.


  • The other side doesn't always tell you what you want to know...they usually tell you what they think you need to know.  So, I can’t make any guarantees that your reading will be about what you want it to be about, but it is always interesting to hear the things the other side wants you to know, or thinks you need to know.