Good Witch of the South

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How It Works...

I'd like to give you an understanding of how psychic readings with the tarot as a medium work because I’ve had many people ask me how I do my readings.


Reading with the Tarot as a medium is not like what a Medium does, where a spirit comes through and gives them information. 

I am empathic, clairaudient, and clairvoyant.   The Tarot is my medium to tap into the other side…I look at the cards, and as I look at them a story comes to me.  Words or pictures start popping into my head, which I get from my guides/angels, or I’ll start getting a feeling as I look at the cards, which also come from my guides. I also read off of the person’s energy  I am reading.  There is no particular order in the way I do my readings…things just start coming into my head that the other side is trying to reveal.


One thing to note regarding what the other side reveals, is that the other side will only reveal those things that can usually be changed in a person's life, not those things that are meant to happen as part of a person's life destiny, so in other words, it won't change your life destiny.  


Mini Reading: This is about a 15 minute reading.  It consists of a layout called The Mystic 13.  You pick out 13 cards, 3 separate times.  It mostly consists of present and future information, but can sometimes have some past info, too.

30 Minute Reading:  This reading consists of a layout where you pick out 21 cards 3 separate times...This reading is for information from the past, present, and future, and each set gets a little further out into the future.  The 1st set goes from present to about 6 months out, the 2nd is from present to about a year out, and the 3rd is from present to about 1-3 years out.

Hour Reading This reading consists of the above layout for past, present, and future, and an additional layout where you pick 49 cards for more information on the present and the future.  It can sometimes repeat what the first layout says or it can give extra details about what came up in the first layout.  It can also give completely new information that wasn't in the first layout.  If there's extra time, I let you ask yes and no questions using either the cards or my pendulum.

Phone Readings:  For these readings the layouts are the same as either a 30 minute reading or an hour, except that I shuffle and pick out your cards.  The exceptions for a phone reading are that I first do an exercise with you to help me tune into you.  I ask you to imagine yourself walking down a dark staircase for about 10 - 12 steps, when you get to the bottom imagine that you see a door and reach for the door knob.  As you open the door it gets brighter as light comes through the door and then you imagine you see me in the doorway and I imagine I see you.  Sometimes I have seen a vision of the person I am about to read when I do this exercise...I'll see it as a fuzzy picture.  I can't make out a face, but I'll see the person's hair and whether it is dark or light, curly or straight, etc...