Good Witch of the South

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Payments thru PayPal-Phone Readings:

In case you're wondering how I get my payments through PayPal for an over the phone reading...First of all, PayPal is extremely easy to set up, and it is FREE to set up, and it's the safest way to send money...Just go to, and if you don't have an account, there is a gray "sign up" button to the top right of the home page where you can sign up.

After you sign up for PayPal, if you didn't have one, and once we set up an appointment, you will then sign into your PayPal account, then click the "Pay or Send Money" tab, and then there will be two options to choose from, 1.) "Pay for goods & services" or 2.) Send money to family or friends." Please choose the number 2 option...."Send money to family or friends." so that I will not be charged a fee. Thank you in advance!  Then put in the email address where it asks for email, then click next to put in the amount.

If you tie your PayPal to ANY bank account instead of a debit/credit card, you won't get a fee either!  If it is tied to a debit or credit card, the fee will be around 80 cents - $1.00.  It could be a little more if you are international.

I also ask that you put your payment into my PayPal a half hour before your appointment.

I hope this information helps give you a better understanding of how I get my payment through PayPal for over the phone readings.

Please click on the following link to get to paypal: